Firm Ride Blinking Light Fix


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(Submitted by <a href = "">Jeff Steinert</a> - Forums ID: SuperCoupe)

You should hear some clicking sounds when you turn the key to "on" without starting the car, and the firm ride light will blink 1, 2, 3, or 4 times. Count the clicks, or blinks. The order goes from the driver's side rear (1 click/blink), to the passenger's side rear (2 clicks/blinks), to the passenger's side front (3 clicks/blinks), to the driver's side front (4 clicks/blinks). In other words if you get 2 clicks it would be passenger's side rear.

If you start with the fronts, here's what to do. Shut the key off, and go to the shock towers. Remove the black plastic cover, and you will see the ride control actuator sitting on top of the shock tops. Squeeze the 2 white clips on the top of the actuator to remove it. Once removed, look in the small cylindrical tube you have just exposed. Inside you will see a small blade-like pin. Make a mental note on its position relative to the underside of the actuator. Take some WD40 and spray a shot over, and around the small blade pin, (using the thin red spray tube that comes with the WD-40 can) and let it penetrate for a few minutes. Then take a pair of small needle nose pliers and gently rotate the blade back and forth half turns right, and half turns left (there is NO need to rotate it completely). If it's the one that is giving the problem, the blade pin will not turn easily at first. DO NOT TRY TO FORCE IT. If it won't turn at first, repeat the WD40 process, let it penetrate a bit longer and try again until you can turn the blade back & forth so it turns easily. Get the blade pin back to where it was when you took the actuator off, and replace the actuator. This can be a pain, because it has to line up perfectly for the actuator to be snapped back on. This is another case of DO NOT FORCE it back on. It will snap right in easily when it's lined up properly.

It can't hurt to do both the fronts or even all four blades. This should rectify the problem. If it does not, then it could be an actuator, or you may need to replace the shock, but in my experience it's usually just a matter of freeing up the blade pin.

BTW- Sometimes the problem can be cleared up by rocking the firm ride switch back & forth a few times.
Actuator Repair

If the WD-40 doesn't do the trick for loosening up the actuator, try "PB Blaster". Best penetrating oil I've found. Note - it's not a lube like WD-40, but a penetrating fluid.