For those in need in Central Iowa


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Took my bird (which hasn't been running in 11 years) to Valley West Corner Store: Shop manager has a supercoupe and one of the head mechanics has a 97 v8 daily driver.

Incredibly Knowledgeable, regular updates and every deadline was met. Went above and beyond to answer questions, pulled my rear subframe and all rear components for powdercoating. Painted my (new) white tokicos black, re-installed the AC, added lowering springs, Mark VIII LCAs, aluminum subframe bushings, kooks mid-lenghts and even fabbed up a work-of-art dual exhaust setup which sounds great (no drone). If anybody wants additional info, feel free to PM me; I will be taking all my current vehicles there and highly refer to all of my friends/family!

Bird still has some more work but happy to have it in good running condition.
Still need to wash/wax her for GOOD pictures but here's the day I brought the bird back to her nest.

1 under cover.jpg
7 bye bye.jpg
12 powder coated parts.jpg