Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Audio Repair


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I know that there are other posts informing/directing people to Paul Protos for his repair on the radio/tape player head units as well as CD players for early and mid 90's cars. Paul is a one man shop and primarily dealt with me via email. His knowledge and understanding of the problems with the aged original audio equipment is great!

Initial contact was through this forum (his screen name on this forum is TwoTimeSC) but we switched to email to go through more specific details of what I needed to do. The items I shipped were what I thought should be specific to the car (35th Anniversary SC with JBL Audio) but he determined that the faceplate on the radio had been replaced earlier and the model was not correct. Fortunately, we were able to find a correct replacement in his stock and were able to work out a trade. Turnaround time was within a four weeks which was slightly sooner than he had initially stated. I installed the radio/tape player and cd player and everything is working like it did when new!

Paul is a great asset on this forum but I gather from my contact with him that he is nearing retirement from working on these audio components. He will be sorely missed when and if he does move on from offering this service.


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If anybody in Canada is looking for a knowledgeable shop, try Custone audio in Whitby. I've dealt with them many times, not only on S/C XR-7 stuff, but AMC/Rambler, 8 tracks & some 6 volt unit's.