[FS] 20" Tezzen Struck's


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I am selling my 20's. This prolly isnt the right place to sell these, but anything will help.

These are Tezzen Strucks. They are in pretty good shape, VERY little curb rash on 3 rims. I can get pictures of the damage or you can come see the rims yourself.

Tires on the rims are 245/35/20 Toyo Proxes4. (2) TWO of the tires need to be changed from excessive burnouts on Woodward! The other (2) are perfect if I recall, I will have to pull them out of storage to double check. The rims are 8.5" wide, so you will be able to go with a little wider tire if you are putting them on the back.

These rims are made by Lexani and are NOT knock-offs. They will fit cars witha 5x108mm (5x4.25) bolt pattern and they are a 38+ offset rim. They were made for a MN12. Because of that, they will work on Lincoln cars, Windstars, Cougars, the newer Retro style tbirds, and new volvo cars. if you are not sure if they will fit.. ask me, I will tell you.

I want $1350 obo CND for all four rims and tires. If you want new tires, the price will change accordingly and I will make sure you are satisfied.

The pictures dont do the rims justice... they are a very nice rim.







email/msn - drummerzrok24@hotmail.com


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Scott Long

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I'm not in the market for rims and I am on the fence about 20's on an SC. But let me say DAMN your car looks nice. I wish I would have came out to woodward dream cruise so I could have seen it in person.

What kit did you use for the door hinges and was it a bolt on or did it require welding?

Good luck with the sale of the rims.


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Thanks Payton!

joenintiesc - that is my fav picture I took all summer. Thanks!

Scott - I love the way 20's look on our cars, you have to see them in person to see how good they actually look on MN12's.

The door kits in the pictures are the prototypes my friend made. I now have his new kit which is simply amazing how it all works. The way to go is a weld on kit, but there is a really nice kit out there like (pjsbird sp?)
has on his bagged black SC that bolts right up. The only thing with that kit is that the gas shocks are not quite strong enough, but you should be able to get stronger ones.

Thanks for the compliments....


Scott Long

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I know have the pic as my wallpaper. True these cars are big and 20's look good. I saw 22's on an orange LX in Chicago at a show, they were massive.