fuel related intermittent no start issue


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I’ve got an intermittent no start problem on a 95 Auto SC.
I’ve replaced the fuel pump (and complete fuel sending unit) and filter recently.
When I turn the key on I get two clicks from the left side of the trunk. I checked/reset the bump switch but it didn’t help.
This morning it started up like it has every morning for months. I let it warm up for quite a while cause it’s so cold. Then I loaded my Granddaughter and drove 2 minutes to her daycare, shut it off and took her inside (~15 minutes), when I came back out it wouldn’t start. I tried it 20 times, listening to the clicks each time, no fuel pump spool up!
Then I got a ride home and picked up another ~~~ SC and on my way past the daycare I thought I’ll try it one more time cause I didn’t want to leave it in their lot all day. Started right up!
If you have any suggestions or diagnostics, please post up here or email them to my personal email:


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Check the return line the nylon section of mine was kinked and was causing alot of my problems.


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Clicks you r hearing sound like the fuel pump relay coming in. A bad relay can be energized, and come in but NOT make contact to pass current. I have had a BUNCH of these fail on different fords. I would try swapping it out first. It is cheep and easy
Not sure where it is located on the late model SC's



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Clicking was ID'd to be the ARC shocks not being found.
Beginning to suspect the ICRM.
Is there a difference between the early & late model ICRM's?
5-speed & auto?


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Is there a difference between the early & late model ICRM's?

Excluding the suffix (AA can be replaced with AB, as an example) I would only replace with same PN.

I don't think there is a difference between Auto/5-speed, otherwise.


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These are now available at Rockauto see "body control module" under electronics tab.

Also available from some auto parts houses.
These are reman'd components from Cardone and Standard Motor Products.