Georgia SCers

Marietta here. Just picked up SC. 1989 all original to the tires with only 8556 miles. I'm the second owner.

Hey, are you the Super-Couper I met at the Canton car show in September?

Is your SC dark blue with a blue-grey cloth interior and automatic transmission?
Aiken, SC - Near Augusta

Original 1990 Super Coupe owner in Aiken, SC - which is kinda near Augusta, GA. If there's an Augusta event or a Columbia event, I'll certainly be there.
We need to have another meet here after the Thanksgiving weekend. How many of you guys can make it? We normally get together at Hooters Gwinnett Place on I-85 on sunday afternoons.
We usually meet at Hooters at Gwinnett Place on I-85 on Sunday afternoons. I'll get with the local guys and work out a weekend soon.
Hello all,
I’m in the Douglasville area just west of Atl. I’m in need of a mechanic just for overall tune- up work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated….thx