Harmonic Balancer Wobble?


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You are suppose to with the BHJ. The proper installation is to mic the crank snout and then mic the bore of the BHJ. Then shave the ID of the BHJ down to a certain diameter that is smaller than the crank snout measurement.


David Neibert

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Bhj I've herd horror stories about the dayco look it up and read reviews the story tells itself I went with the bhj a couple years ago had other issues as well where the car would jerk really hard (totally different issue fixed now) but no matter what the bhj held firm still on the car if I had to do it differently I would do it the same and your right it's a vast price difference but worth

I'm sure your thinking of the POS made by Doorman not the Dayco/PowerBond. I haven't heard of anyone having an issue with the Dayco/PowerBond balancer.


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Didn't see those instructions prior to installing the bhj been a year or more with no issues

Pat DiPersia

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When I installed my BHJ, while those ARE the instructions, I spoke to a few in the know around here that install these constantly. Have never had an issue with clearance/tolerances. Put it on and send it home! (Just not with a hammer!)

Scott Long

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I had a balancer snap off my old 90 SC. I had to drill into it and break it off the crank in pieces. Pain in the ass. Had to drill the bolt out of the crank and use an extractor.

At the time BHJ was all that was available so I bought that one and a set of ASP under drive pulleys and a new crank position sensor because might as well upgrade. I used a small brake caliper hone tool with 3 pieces of sand paper and a drill to hone the BHJ til it was just barely able to start sliding on the crank and then I used the new bolt to walk it on the rest of the way. I had to put a 14mm (I think) deep well socket on a torque converter bolt to keep the engine from turning over.

If I have the issue or ever pull the balancer off my 89 or 92 to swap the cam, I will go with a power bond balancer.

I re-used my OEM one on the 90 after I took it off during my head gasket replacement (didn't need to remove it but I did anyways to clean up the timing cover) and it failed shortly after while I was on the highway about an hour from home.