Hats off to Spinning Wheels SC


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I picked up a few pulleys from the ebay store- auction style- not only did I win them at what I feel now is cheap, but held out until I won the 3rd item. Got all 3 + a belt that I know is not cheap by any means and had it in hand in less than 2 days. Talk about excellent service!
on another note- another supplier here had the audacity to charge my card, held delivery of what I had purchased for just over a week and when I questioned them on a few items purchased- git a line that only comes from a typical used car salesman- sadly they have a few parts that are not readily available on the open market- but I shall find a way to avoid this seller.
I here he is connected to this site and that to me is an abuse of their position as a business person..but we all know a few of them...

Any way- Vic- Dianne- I shall be back.....

sleeper bird

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Yea victor is a good guy,he held some parts for me around christmas untill after the holidays.They are just like us they are car people first and everything else comes after that.At least thats my opinion.