Head Gasket Blown

Head Gasket blew, What year was yours?

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mine didnt exactly blow, i just replaced them before they went and did some other things while the heads were off :D

179,331 miles
Just bought an SC a few months ago, had 103k on it. now has 107k and blown HG.... also i blew the HG's in my 96 3.8 LX.. i'm 2 for 2 for 3.8l thunderbirds.....
wich side

I just blew mine at 153000. funny part was when doing the compression test to see wich side blew, they all passed with over 150 psi. I was expecting to see a little drop at least. pulled both sides and it was passenger side cylinder 2 and really close on 3 as well. oh well while iam in there might as well change some more parts

on my 94 auto... 130k miles on the original, gramma-driven headgaskets... still ticking. had a few close calls when it was acting up and overheating, but she's alright now... will update when it happens. lol.
blew the gaskets on my 90 after running it hot really hard on the interstate

@ only 39k :eek:

still drove fine and didn't loose any power but just wouldn't stay running cool
Holding My Breath

I have an '89 5spd with 89,600 miles on it. I'm crossing my fingers that it holds up for a while. Any suggestions to make it last? :D
Is there a way to prevent head gaskets from being blown?

Or at least is there a way to get a little warning so I can do something before they blow?:eek:

Is there a way to prevent head gaskets from being blown?

Or at least is there a way to get a little warning so I can do something before they blow?:eek:


Watch the odometer. Expect them to blow somewhere between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Nothing says you have to wait for them the blow before you replace them.
All years but 92 selected for thats the only year I haven't owned...blew em in all the rest over the years. :D

Blown head gasket at 86,000 in my 90 SC... must be that time.

Drove from Prescott Valley AZ to Camp Verde AZ, over the mountains, just an hour's ride, with the AC on. Came back with AC off because it was almost pegging the gauge. No smoke, just runs hot. Drove 4 miles today, lots of pressure, foam from the radiator (with cap off, just idling) then pulsing gyser. No coolant in the oil and no visible leaks anywhere from the radiator hoses. Am interested in the best parts to repair the heads. Go Ford or Alternatives? Marty
Now that I have a few more supercoupes I suppose I can include them in here as well

black 90 5spd - rebuilt engine split the crank due to improper radius, head gaskets were fine, no tellin when the originals blew
red 90 5spd - about 39k on the rebuilt engine and they let loose on I-10 when I was beating on her, she got hot due to a coolant leak
blue 92 5spd - casualty of testing, I was paid to blow them at about ~70k, let loose on I-55 due to running lean (testing purposes), new rebuild free of charge
titanium 91 auto - blown at about 120k, driven like it was stolen its entire life
orange 93 auto - grandma blew the head gaskets at ~130k driving from south carolina here to new orleans, she wasn't watching the temp, possibly a stuck thermostat to blame
black 94 5spd - crapped the gaskets at ~110k when the potential buyer came to test drive it :eek:
92 titanium auto - crapped the gaskets at 110k for no apparent reason

my other black 90, my red/black 90 and my 95 purple auto all had the stock gaskets before i rebuilt the engines with no problems at 180k, 90k and 120k

all 10 of them now have arp heads studs and all except for my 92 auto have mls gaskets, knock on wood I have yet to blow an MLS gasket