Head/intake bolts sequence and ft lbs


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Wondering if anyone has a diagram on the bolt tightening sequence and amount of ft lbs for the heads and intake bolts on my 90 SC 5sp the only litature I have available is the Haynes manual which I don't really trust for specific info like that I know I need to buy better manuals but as always I do things the hard way unfortunately thanks in advance


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Been a long time since I've had to torque down an intake manifold or head bolts, but we used to always follow the Haynes manual. I believe it's just a copy out of the official Ford guide.


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Might want to search here on intake bolt torque - based on what I read, I went to 16 ft. lbs. From my notes:
- Installed intake manifold - anti-seize on (16) middle bolts, black RTV on (x8) bolts (threads and shoulders) that straddle coolant passages. Thin black rtv around coolant ports on head (x4) and manifold (x4). Copper gasket spray light on both sides manifold gaskets and blue end seals, dab of black RTV where end seals meet manifold gaskets. Torque in sequence 10 ft. lbs. one pass, then 16 ft. lbs, several passes, once and then after 20 minutes…seemed to settle down torque wise. Will hit again tomorrow.