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sorry I am not actually a SC owner but an 2004 v6 mustang owner. However, I am one of the silly people who refuses to regard reason and common sense and buy a v8. Thus what brings me here, I currently am building a 4.3 stroked and bored split port headed mustang. Some of the goodies I have so far include ported polished built heads, Scorpion 1.73 rockers, custom comp cams camshaft with appropriate angle separation for boost. custom valves from Manley SS intake, Inconel exhaust ford performance 302 hydraulic lifters. Racetec custom pistons with skirt and crown coatings. Scat 4.2 crankshaft (do recommend for a stroker as it is cast steel vs ductile iron but understand yalls SC crank is factory forged). Scat H beam rods, full suspension (mustang world) built 8.8 with 31 spline solid axle rear end. 2 piece cobra rotors (baer) front and rear with brakes.
Super coupe parts im in the process of using or figuring out how to use. 10% overdrive crank pulley with BHJ balancer, 95 jackshaft bracket with pulley (trying to figure out how to replace the bearings however have read they are next to impossible to find now) super coupe accessory mount bracket. I feel like ford did the best justice to the 3.8l engine when it built the SC so I am learning much from the forms from reading.
What I would like to contribute in time. I plan on running a custom fabricated lower intake manifold as the upper intake manifold adapters for m112s is garbage at best from Super6 and I have choice views on tom morana, none of them good.
This design I would like to base on the GM 3.8 sc lower intake manifold. My reasoning is I live in Texas where it is hot so heat is already an issue heat soak more so. Intercooling will be necessary and I would like to run something that does not stick out of the hood like an 70s muscle car. Thus the need for a complete redesign for the lower intake. I have been researching and working on this for almost a year now so I have gone through about a million different ideas for the subject. My other option that i am looking at is casting a manifold much like the SCs (lost foam method a310 aluminum). Both of these ideas I plan to make common source once I have both ran a proof of concept and finish the drawing in solid works. This will be my contribution back to the community to pay respect for all the information I have learned over time from this forum as well as others.

I am probably useless when it comes to most things SC but when it comes to almost all models of the essex 3.8,3.9 and 4.2 I would consider myself useful. I also have factory drawings for engine components that I can share. feel free to ask me anything that I can be of use with.

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Here is a source for the jackshaft bearing if you're looking to replace yours.

Welcome to the forums, best of luck with your build.