Hello All



I wanted to come to the last meeting, but the motor and heads shelled out on my SC. I am parting it out if anyone needs anything. I live in Omaha, NE, but the car is located @ my farm in Iowa.

I also might have a shot at getting another SC that needs a little work. I should know tommrow night!!! I would be happy as hell to have another.

Well, wish me luck, and be sure to email me with any needs you may have.

Aaron Nelson


Sorry to hear about your engine problems. Are you planning to fix the car, or are you just wanting to sell it?

I know several people who are looking for parts including myself. I just sent you an email.

Feel free to come to our next meeting if you like! There are a couple of guys in your area that came to the last one. I can give you thier email address and maybe you can all run together!