Help needed with Audio system.


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Hello .,
I'm in the Dallas / DFW area, I need help with my original stereo system.
I was wondering if anyone had a 1989 to 1993 SC with a original working JBL premium system and would be willing to test my amps on their car.

I have replaced the amp three times, the only sound I get is a very very low level from the passenger front speaker. I used two different radios, one of which was refurbished , still the same.
I know this is a long shot but I would appreciate the help.


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I have a factory JBL amp you can have. Just pay shipping if you want... I think it works... It came out of my car but my speakers were shot... I have the entire stock system if needed.


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My 1990 and 1993 cars have a blown CD player, the system in my 35th anniversary is long gone. I removed the non working CD units from the cars.
Do I need to have the CD unit installed and working for the all system to work?