Help with mild HP boost on 89 5 speed


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So I'm not chasing HP, just wanted a bump over stock. Other than a short throw shifter, my 89 5 speed is stock and in great condition. Fixed a blown head gasket years ago so I'm not looking to do major mods. I have a K&N panel filter and just bought a new 70mm BBK throttle body. I'm planning on deleting the cats. I assume I would need a new mass air flow sensor and injectors to complete the job. Not interested in porting/cams/overdrive pulleys. Any recommendations? What size injectors and will I need a new fuel pump to go with it? What size mass air flow sensor and do I just replace the sensor or the whole housing? I will probably need a tune after it's all installed so will be looking for someone in the Akron/Cleveland are that's familiar with these cars. After owning this car for 30 years I probably should know these answers but would love to hear from someone whose been there. Thanks


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Mine is similar to yours I've got the bbk I do have an underdrive pulley but I didn't have to use a tune or bigger mass airflow chamber or fuel pump and i do have gutted cats it runs pretty decent like that I do have an idle issue at times very random and I'm not sure it's even related so if you just looking for mild upgrades I'd do the bbk and an underdrive pully I know you didn't really wanna go that route with the pulley but honestly it's probably the most inexpensive way to get a little more out of it

Tim Groth

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The easiest seat of the pants mods would be a 94/95 blower swap and swap the 2.73s for 3.08s or 3.27s from either a Mark VIII or SC auto.

Also if you're near the Cleveland area seek out XR7 Dave / Super Coupes Unlimited. Dave Dalke can help you with any of your goals for added HP.