Help...... yet once again

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Help...... yet once again

How sad is this i finally get my SC then the engine decides to go, soooooooo that leaves me at where to get my engine re-build and any suggestion on parts to put into since it is being re-built anyways. And what are some options for me here?

Re: Help...... yet once again

There is a guy in San Mateo that can help you out. He built Rob Noth's motor masically stock and he runs pretty strong for just a stock rebuild. His name is Al Leist and all his info is in the FAQ's section.
Bob Johnson performance of Sacramento Calif

He is the best I proved it if you want it done good let him do it. he builds racing motors for Pro Stock,top sportsman,sprint cars,pro street,ET cars,drag boats hes number one in calif. if you want his number let me know
Re: Bob Johnson performance of Sacramento Calif

Sacramento is a bit far for me, even though I am out there a lot.
Re: Help...... yet once again

Actually mine isn't quite stock, the cam isn't a stock grind and he did a few things with the heads. At the time I did the rebuild, I didn't have a lot of cash to throw at it or I would have probably done more with the head work. BUT I also need the car to be a reliable daily driver so I didn't want to go too far into the performance stuff and end up compromising that reliability (or fuel mileage, or longevity, etc). I'm pretty happy with my performance level. The thing about getting the engine built by Al is, he just does a great job on getting everything balanced and put together. He balances to a tighter spec than Nascar engines. I may not have the most powerful engine of the nor-cal guys, but I'd bet it's the smoothest at 4500 rpm!