Hey guys..



I haven't been to any meets yet, so none of you probably know me, but I wanted to let you know that I drove out to Columbus, Ohio and traded my red/grey '91 5 spd for a black/black '91 5 spd that I wanted for my blown 5.0 project.

It is now sitting in storage with out the upper half of the motor.

In case you guys need anything for the future, I do not need any of the lower half of the motor, I do not need the rear bumper, for I have plans for the '94-'95 style... I won't need the stock wheels, and I won't need the gas tank. (there will be more parts as I start the process )i.e. stock hood, dash, header panel, headlamps, doors) And after I do more research on a T-5 swap, I might want to trade some parts for a M5R2 (stock sc tranny) in good shape, so that I don't need to rebuild mine before I drive it, I might not need to trade depending on how the process goes, but I'm sure I'll need extra parts in the future.

With the parts I'm getting rid of, I'm in search of a '93+ gas tank, '94-'95 rear bumper, (I'll also need a set of '94-'95 doors with panels) and a set of '96-'97 headlamps, (along with header panel)

The car is in excellent shape, the only sign of rust is on the bottom of the drivers door, on the lap weld, and isn't much at all. Paint is in excellent shape also.

It will be a slow process, but I will be pretty generous to you guys on this board, so if you can think of any parts that you will need that I won't in the future, just reply to this and I will keep you in mind.