HONOR and Honoring Deals


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Sorry guys, but I just have to let this out.

On several occasions now, I have had members make a deal for parts and then reneg as the parts have been "sold locally" or to "another member" because "I forgot you were interested".

What utter XXXXXXX

If you make a deal with someone, honor it. Don't back out because you have someone offer you more money two weeks after you tell a buyer the part is their's.

Case in point, I have been messaging with barrieguy on some rims since he posted on the 16th. He tells me he will remove the garbage tires if I pay for the cost plus whatever it costs to box them and shipp. Even gives me a price plus whatever shipping is. I agree and for two weeks he hasn't had the time to ship. blah blah blah. Silly me, I take him at his word and buy $450 worth of new tires for the rims. Now...... TA DAH, they have been "sold locally" and added to this he says in buying the tires "I put the horse before the cart"

Do these messages say I put the horse before the cart or that we have a deal and that the seller is proceeding with a transaction?

"Sure, no problem, local tire shop charges $5 for dismount and $8 for disposal. So the grand total would be $252, plus however you;d like to ship/package."

"I do, I'll get the tires pulled and see what I can dig up for boxes.


To all who play these games I have something to say. Man up and keep your word. Without honor on these for sale boards, who is going to take a chance and buy your XXXXXXparts.

Hey Paul, where is my $1400 certified draft buy the way? You seem to have forgot to return it.
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You left out the part where I originally told you that I wanted you to take care of the shipping from your end...

It's funny how these posts ALWAYS tell one side of the story and they always leave out particular details which deflate their complaint. Rant if you like.