How do I remove the hood emblem?


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I am replacing the hood on my 89 SC but I would like to remove the bird emblem at the front of the hood before my old hood goes away.
But, I cannot figure out how the hood emblem comes off.
At first I thought it was held on with three screws, but no socket seems to fit.
It kind of looks like the plastic was melted or something.\
Has anyone removed a hood emblem before?
They are crappy sheet metal nuts that will most likely disintegrate when you try to turn them , spray a pile of WD onto them , let it sit for a few minutes , wipe off access, then attempt to get a smaller locking needle nose pliers in there to get them to turn or a slightly larger socket with some sort of packing to take up the space .. the stem is on the emblem and are not that strong so a chance they can break off but not guaranteed , unfortunately only one way to find out .