how old are SC owners

how old are you

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I'm 32 and bought my sc in 05 with 86k it was a garage kept one owner trade in and do to a major pricing error I bought it for 2900$ I believe it only has 105k on it today. I was always really picky about it never let anyone eat drink or smoke in it. Never has it been on a gravel road or driven in the snow. And it's always been garaged (with the exception of now it's sitting in front of my garage lol) I knew nothing about sc's and saw it at a car lot I drove past everyday. I stopped in to to look at it and the guy tossed me the keys and said "be careful that. Damn thing is fast!" I took it for a drive and fell in love e first time I floored it! Well I didn't have e 4900$ they wanted but I sure kept thinking about it! Couple weeks later I drove by and it said 2900$ on the windshield ! I stopped in and told the guy I'd take it and had to go find some money! I asked why the r educed price? He said "what are you talking about?" when I told him that he had dropped his price by 2000$ he about had a heart atack! Apparently the guy that washed all his cars had mixed up the price of the sc and a geo tracker sitting beside it when he put the prices on the windshields. The guy was honest and told me he'd honor that price not a penny less if I could come back with the money in 2hrs! I ended up going to the bank and having to use my crappy Honda and my crappy truck for collateral because the load value on the sc was like 1500$ lol my wife was pissed that I bought a car without talking to her (until she saw it lol)
im 37 and bought my first sc in 1998. my story is similar to yours.i was 23 and wanted a buick gn in the worst way. my dad talked me out of it and took me to the local ford dealer. i noticed a black 90 tbird with the sc embossed on the front and back bumper and wondered what it stood for? the salesman said it was a supercoupe it had a turbo! i asked him to pop the hood and what do i see the 3.8 top with what looks to be a blower ! much to my surprise. i took it for a test drive and was hooked . never knew what an sc was till that day. i no longer have that car as i bought my 93 with 33k in 2001. and now has 107k :) needless to say im glad my dad talked me out of getting a gn :)


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40+18. I own a 90Anny since 91,also have a 89SC with 83k and a 89 XR7 parts car. I've owned birds since 71. Oldest 59 with a 430FE. So far 12 birds and 2 XR7s


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got my sc when i was 14! bought it from my brother when he blew the head gasket for 400$ im not 16 now and have the motor out and completly apart. saving up some money for machine work and forged pistons.

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I've had my 94 bird for goin on 2 years now it'll be 3 years in July 2013 (bought it when i was 21), and this is probably the car I've put the most time and money into.....My buddy took me for a ride in it, (when it was stock) and I ended up buying it from him a few months later! Now I've had 2, kept the first one and used the second one for parts :D
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First 1989 XR7 I saw was red with ground effects. It was in front of the Autozone on Pat Booker Road in Universal City Tx. A Msgt from Randolph AFB was driving it. I was 18 and wished I could own one.At the time I was driving a beat up 67 Cougar XR7 with a 351c 2v that I had stuffed in it with a junkyard c4. Years later Im on my third mn12 and trying to do it right this time.

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I'll be 31 in a few weeks. I have had an SC since I was 16 years old, still have the same one. Over the years I've acquired more.


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old fart?

seems most of the young whipper snappers here weren't born yet when the SC's hit the street.

I'm an old fart- and us old farts will either out drive you into submission or

we will just flat out kick your ~~~ for disrespecting us.

Remember, without us 'old farts'- you may not have been in existence....



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turned 60 this year...... So..... let's see.... (takes off shoes and socks....) Yea, still just enough fingers and toes to fit in the 40+ category.....

Wanted an 89 5 speed from the first time I saw the ad for it. But kids, med school, houses, business delayed that until 5 years ago....

bout it with 154K and now has 210K.... runs better now than then!!


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25 years old

I got my 94 sc when i was 20, fell in love with it right away. Owned it five years now, hate when it gets called a thunderchicken or the super poop. But after you put the pedal down that usually stops.


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I feel like I need to go back and change my initial answer now as I've moved into a new age bracket since I answered the poll years ago lol


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I was 29 when I bought my first SC, a 95 5-speed. Sold it when I was 38. Big mistake! Bought my current 95 5-speed 13 years ago, when I was 42. Sold it when I was...oh wait...I will NEVER sell it!!! :)


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I bought my T-Bird SC exactly a month ago and I haven't driven it yet... It'll be a real treat once she's all fixed up to be a daily driver :)

Replying to myself, :D
I had just turned 19 when I got my 1991 SC 5-speed with moonroof (Oxford White paint, Titanium Leather interior) back in 2012. Since I’ve bought this car, I went to community college. Then in May of 2015, when my 1991 was giving me many problems, I bought a 1990 SC 5-speed (Oxford White paint, Blue Cloth interior). This was my daily-ish driver for years. I got my Associates Degree in Business MGMT, transferred to Reinhardt University, got my BS in Business Admin and graduated in 2019. The 1991 blew its head-gaskets that summer and (with the help of my mechanic friend), got the head-gaskets changed. In the fall, I bought a 1993 SC 5-speed (Oxford White paint, Black Leather interior) that was presumed to have blown head gaskets. To my amazement, the head gaskets were fine... for about 10 months then they blew. I had the head gaskets replaced during the summer of this year and have put on over 1,000 miles since the change. I’m now 27 years old and still own 3 Oxford White SCs with 5-speeds.

I’m honestly considering putting a roll-cage in one next year and taking stunt-driving classes (you don’t use your own car for the classes, btw). I was going to spruce one up to be as nice, clean, and show-worthy as possible, and the third would be a spare. I know I promised I would start filming Youtube videos this year, but I promise, as my New Year’s resolution to begin filming something in 2021. Things are shaping up, I’ve got over $1,000 worth of parts to install and I’ve thought long-and-hard about my story since my last update post. Hopefully I can deliver a quality video series prominently featuring a Supercoupe starting next year. Its a story that means a lot to me and that has been evolving since before I bought my first Supercoupe. I’ve grown a lot since then, even though I’m still in the 19-30 year old group. Hopefully all those years of frustration and hoarding MN12 parts will amount to something meaningful.

Thanks for reading :)
Happy New Year!