how old are SC owners

how old are you

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I bought my SC new in 1991 when I was 23, I am now 52 and still have it. Wish I had a garage all those years, but the car isn't in bad shape as far as appearance.


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I am 72 and do all my own work, 90 SC, 97 Lincoln Mark VIII, and 98 Ford F150.
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I'm staring at 65 in a few months and have had my 90SC since new. I do most of my own work since I can't find too many mechanics who want to work on it. My brother-in-law worked at Ford for several decades and had to retire about 15 years ago. He is still the first "manual" I check with when I have a problem I can't figure out. He can't wrench anymore, but he is a wealth of knowledge on these cars.
Let's see....when this thread was started I was 37 and had had my '93 AOD for 11 years. Now I am 51 and still have the '93 AOD.
42 will be 43 this month but I feel like I'm 82 got my first tbid lx in 02 it got totaled in 08 (damn deer) got my 97lx in 2012 and my SC in 2018 and I do 95% of my own work (which sometimes I'm pretty sure isn't a good thing)