I have a 90 Black SC likely going up for sale if there is interest


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Live in Langley BC, I have a fantastic shape 1990 SC, no rust, no dents. Head gaskets done with MLS gaskets, brand new speed rated tires and pretty well all sensors and water pump and plugs and wires and pretty much anything else you can think of, I sunk a lot of money and time into it. I have at least 8 spare rims, have all parts from a second 90 SC as well and also a complete 1990 SC standard transmission with all the parts to convert. I have 2 original brake setups but the car is converted to a standard brake system. If there is interest let me know and we can chat. I hate the idea of selling it, it has been sitting for a year and a half due to a ticking in the engine. I have not had time to check it out. I also have spare engine that will go with it. I am running out of room at my house and this decision is not an easy one but if the price is convincing I will sell. I am struggling to decide, someone convince me to let it go please :)