I have a 95 sc and it runs extremely hot like top of the gauge and guzzles gas


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If you're running a 180 degree t-stat with the stock fan temp settings, that's not helping your running hot problem. I'd run the stock t-stat unless you know for sure the fan temp settings have been lowered.


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Your posts are getting confusing , you said that it guzzles gas when you drove it , if its got an evaporation style leak and it was going threw a significant amount of fuel then you would have a very strong raw fuel smell , if its got that kind of raw fuel leaking or fuming out from anywhere its very dangerous .
The air bag module system capacitors will hold a charge and possibly still fire after battery is disconnected , if you are messing with wiring and not sure what you are doing , disconnect the main connector to the air bag .
I put the grommet under the fuel pump wrong so I put it back right squeezed liquid gasket and silicone around it and all the hoses and now she don’t leak took her on a good drive got super good mileage actually and just waiting on a rad now and she will be not running hot thanks for looking out