i have a battery drain


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battery drain on 93 t bird of battery voltage . replaced alternator and starter relay on left fender apron. not sure if connections are right on starter relay. auto zone tells me the alternator is ok.


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I had one that I tracked back the bulb in the glove box. It takes time to track down, but put a meter between the ground connection and the battery, and check the amperage being pulled while the car is off. Start pulling fuses one at a time, and note when the drain goes away, investigate that area further. Something to note, a bad battery can appear like a battery drain as well (fought this on my truck). It would be fine if I started the truck again soon after shutting it down, but if it sat for more than 2 hours, it wouldn't start my truck. Spent hours working on it before having the battery tested.


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I wouldn't trust an autozone alternator as far as I can throw it... Went through about 5 or 6 in a year that would "test" good but would ultimately fail and they would replace it at no charge to me finally I decided to put a motorcraft on it never had that problem again and that's been well over a year ago


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About the alternator, any brand, a quick way to kill a new one on our cars is to use it to recharge an otherwise dead battery. The circuits aren't designed for that job, which should only be done with a stand-alone charger that is.

See this link for help on finding your out of spec drain:

But yes, glove box, and center console lights/switches, are prime suspects, are easy to check, just pull the bulbs.

All bets off if anything aftermarket has been hooked up, such as stereo, alarm, radar detector, etc.