I still have some used 89 to 92 parts cheep

brian p

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hi all been a long time

i still have some 89 to 92 parts

engines ran good when pulled but was 15 years ago $100
inter coolers $20
fans $10
alternators $20 starters $10
computers $40
front struts springs $40 each
rear springs $20
set of 35th rims $300
tail light $20

no body panels or interior or chargers

im sure i am forgetting things

8 min north of orangeville

tex or call 416 771 1424

would like the space back
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What year tail lights? 1989-1991 or 1992-1997? Are they SC or do they have black trim?

I may be interested in the struts and an intercooler. I’ll text you tomorrow.

black V8

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Hi Bryan, I'm out of province right now and won't be back till August but if you still have them when I get back I will take a pair of the front shock/springs off your hands, also a pair of rear calipers if you have them.

Thanks Tom