I think is still have some digging out ahead. . .


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It was originally from the base of my truck windshield to the garage door right over the bird. From he top of the bird to the roof rack of my wife's H2. Had to dig from the front door, around the Hummer (pass front around the back to drivers front. . . Just to find my snowblower! The snow had pushed in one door about 2".
2" hard pack base and another 1.5" of new fluff. All after 'Snowmageddon" "Snowpocolipse" what-ever. More on the way along with more negative temps.

YO, How you folks in Bean Town doing? Ricardo?

Ira R.

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Impressive pictures. Sorry I don't have any. Family is in Worcester and they have long since run out of places to shovel the snow. Last they reported in they had almost 4 feet of snow over the last couple of weeks already.

And we're all expecting more snow Thursday and Saturday.


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Well, it's been warm the last couple of days. Hasn't done much for the piles of snow, but has finally melted enough of the ice in my drive that they delivered oil today!


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Its There

I can finally see top of my bird. Now the snows melting Iam already thinking of getting it out,,,,not yet thou still to much salt.