If you had a recurring membership with SCCoA - please read

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
In the migration from our old forums to the new, there's no way to bring over the recurring memberships. The old site was linked to Paypal and that link isn't able to be migrated.

So - for anyone that had a recurring membership with SCCoA - it has been cancelled through Paypal. You will no longer automatically be billed by Paypal (On behalf of SCCoA) for a membership. However, your membership will continue to be active on the SCCoA until your expiration date.

I hope that you still find value here on the forums and would be willing to renew your membership when the time comes. You can find your membership expiration date here on the forums by following the below steps -

- Click on your username in the top menu bar (Where you'll see the Home, Forums, What's new, etc tabs.) Username is to the right.
- On your account details page, look for "Account upgrades" on the left menu bar. Click that and you'll see details of your membership under the "Purchased upgrades" information. If there are no purchased upgrades, you do not currently have a membership. If you previously had a recurring membership, it may now show as a one-time subscription (Am having to manually go through and generate one-time subscriptions for previously recurring members.)

Same location if you wish to purchase a membership.

Let me know if any questions and your support is appreciated!
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