Ignition System Problems

Robert Campbell

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New to the forum and I am trying to help my brother out who owns a 5 speed 92 Super Coupe. Most hop up parts came from
Super Coupe Performance Parts. We have hotrodder this car, with most hop up parts coming from Super Coupe Performance Parts. Most of this was done in March 2012. It has:
  • New Long Block
  • Griffin Aluminum Super High-Capacity Performance Radiator (For 5 Speed Cars)
  • BHJ Harmonic Balancer
  • New Supercharger (Rebuilt by Magnum Powers – Ore.)
  • 10% Overdrive Supercharger Pulley
  • 255 LPH High Flow Fuel Pump
  • #42 High Flow Fuel Injectors
  • Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (3 Hole Design)
  • 85mm Magnum Power Throttle Body
  • New Throttle Position Sensor
  • New Idle Air Control Valve
  • 3 1/2 “Fresh Air Intake - to 6” Dia. SCP Conical Style Air Filter
  • 76mm Mass Air Housing with C&L 76mm Mas Air Flow Sensor
  • 2 ½” Cat-Back Exhaust System (From Headers to Rear Bumper)
  • Installed 3:27 Rear-end Gears
This car is heated garaged and is a Sunday driver and gorgeous. This car goes like stink when it runs!! We have experienced ignition shut down and check engine problems many times since 2012. I am experienced Ford owner who is 66 years old and run a small shop for older Fords. I have some experience in both OBD 1 and OBD 2. Enough to know I hate OBD 1! Many times, the engine shut down was more of annoyance that a problem and occurred in warm up phase and then the rest of the day it seemed fine. It is my brother's car and I have helped him some, but we would like to get to the bottom of this. Lately it shuts down and the tach goes to zero and a 212-trouble code shows which is No Ignition Diagnostics (IDM). I have followed "endless" loop of crank sensor, cam sensor, spout, ignition module, computer, and tach.

We are well aware of the lack of NOS parts and counter fit replacements from China.

To crack you up further here is a list of dates and parts replaced. To no avail. Some predate the hot-rodding.

New Coil – 1/01 , 7/11 , 9/13 , 10/14
New Plugs – 7/04 , 6/11
New Wires – 1/01 , 7/04
New Modules – 7/04 , 7/11 , 7/11 , 7/11 , 9/13 , 10/14 , 7/16 , 12/21
New Long Block – 12/08
New Cam Sensor – 7/10 , 9/13
New Crank Sensor – 6/10 , 9/13 , 3/16
New Harmonic Balancer – 3/16
Engine Mods./Gears – 10/11 to 3/12
New Computer – 2/15

He loves this car, and any help would be much appreciated. I can collect a bunch more data if need be.

Rob Campbell


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It sounds like you've eliminated a lot of the common issues, but I'd also check the harness for the D.I.S module, cam & crank sensor, spout & a/c clutch. Its known to get brittle from 28 years of engine heat cycles & sometimes will develop a open in 1 of the circuit's only at a certain temp. By removing it & bench testing for continuity while twisting/ bending you may find its the culprit.


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BTW, 212 for the SC is:
212CLoss of TACH input to ECA; SPOUT circuit grounded

When was the last time engine grounds were checked/cleaned/replaced/confirmed?

How new is the multi-wire ignition switch down on the side of the steering column (not the lock cylinder...)?

Any welding done on the car recently/over the years?

Can you confirm the SPOUT connector/plug on the harness on the pedestal at the DIS/above the A/C compressor is in place w/clean metal pins/connectors?

Off hand, tho, I'd guess that SC is due another cam sensor. Pull the connector and check the metal tangs inside for corrosion, bending, etc. Confirm only one red rubber gasket is in use at the connector. $20 for a _new_ connector might be a good investment

If you remove the cam sensor, check the drive plate/shaft for excess lateral play, and the magnets in the sensor for filings/damage. I get my cam sensors at autozone w/lifetime warranty. Feels like 3 years is about average life span.

Robert Campbell

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Our plan is to remove the forward wiring harness that supports engine sensors and get it on the bench for inspection and testing. To also put in a new cam sensor for good measure.

Doug mentioned you might have a used forward harness that you might sell?



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Might have one, would need to know the pin count on the main harness where it connects to the body harness, pass. side of supercharger top. Let me know and I'll check my spares.

When inspecting yours off the car, check for bent, plunged pins, and/or expanded tangs that might not make good contact when coupled. Inspect for corrosion on all metal connectors. The more corrosion you find, the less likely a harness should be put back in service.

Check for broken keepers/clips on all plastic connectors. Check for missing rubber gaskets in the connectors and make sure none have been mistakenly doubled up.

Check for any obvious damage from oil soaking, mishandling, old repairs, broken belt cuts. Be careful handling any wires that are foil shielded. That shielding is to protect from EMI/false signals. I don't recommend DIY repairs to the shields unless you have the proper materials and technical skills. I also don't recommend any DIY repairs that risk introducing erroneous resistance. Resist getting creative.

I usually start with a harness that passes basic inspection and only needs minor pin/tang reconditioning/replacing, gentle cleaning, wrapping/re-taping or connector replacement. I avoid splicing as an example. If a harness fails inspection, I harvest any good plastic connectors and wire ends that lend themselves to recycling, other than that, the harness is tagged N/G and goes into a box, never back on a car.

When refurb'ing is done, I throw on a couple coats of clear epoxy spray paint on the harness, and a thin coat of silicone grease inside the shell of each connector's mating surfaces. Given that the product sheets for silicone/dielectric grease recommend against use on low tension metal pins/tangs/connectors such as our harnesses use, I simply hit them with spray electrical contact cleaner before bagging them for storage, and then again when they go into service.

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Can we talk by phone? I have the harness in my hand, and it has some damage to connectors, and I can't figure out the shielding aspect of it.