Installing BHJ balancer

Pat DiPersia

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So getting ready to install my new BHJ balancer on the '94. Need some advice as the more I read on here, the more I get contradictory info.

I've seen the instructions with the BHJ. Says to get the stock crank pulley zero balanced and also get the balancer honed to the crank. A few I've talked to said not really needed to do either of these as the balancer should fit just fine. Just hammer it home (KIDDING!)

And I also need to put a dab of RTV on the keyway where the washer goes? And/or on the bolt itself? Have a new Mustang bolt from Ford.

Anyone sprayed the balancer with high-temp clear so it doesn't rust (I assume it will rust since it's not aluminum.)

I DO know that the ring only goes one way, so good there.

Tim Groth

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All of my BHJ installs slide on fine without the honing etc. I have one installed with the stock pulley. 1 with a 0 balanced MP setup. No issues with either.

I did rtv lightly, also used the mustang bolt.

I sprayed my SFI BHJ with high temp clear and it still was rusty/corroded when we pulled the motor 3 years ago. The other I purchased new and it was already there so didnt bother.



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If I could do it, it's easy

I did my 95 a couple of years ago. Followed the RTV directions, IIRC, and dabbed a bit on the key to prevent oil weeping. I also replace the main front seal - why not while you are down there? That turned out to be the PIA because I didn't have a big socket to tap it back in with. I digress.

Did not do honing, MP pulley, etc. Just put old one back on and 'bob's your uncle' it works great. The rubber in my old one was very hard and just waiting to shear. I also changed the tach sensor (I forget the proper term) down there to make everything fresh.

I painted the balancer and pulley separately, then bolted them together. Just mask the area that goes into the mount hole - keep it clean. Don't recall using anti-sieze or grease in there. I imagine no rust yet, but haven't inspected for it.

I've read many who say the balancer is too expensive, but in my case 'it just worked' which is worth a premium to me.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Yup, did the front main seal. Needed an 1 1/2" socket or so. Forget exactly. Big! Now that I'm looking at it, I feel like it's not sitting in as deep as the factory seal. I might have to tap it in a little more. . .

Pulley is a little beat up - going to blast it and give it a fresh coat of paint. Will clear the BHJ. We'll see how it looks. Hopefully stays shiny for a bit.

Have a new crank sensor, but debating whether I use it. It's not a motorcraft, and mine's still good, so. . . Might keep it as a spare. Not sure.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
So I didn't know this. . . A typical clear coat will not protect the underlying metal from rust. Guess I never really thought about it. It will rust under the clear and just bubble the clear off. Needs to be properly treated etc beforehand.