IOWA November Club Meeting - RECAP



November 17th and it's 65 degrees and Sunny in Iowa! Who'd a thought that could happen! Not Us!

When Dale and I planned this meeting back in September we both figured on it being cold, rainy, snowy, icy or All Of The Above. To our delight it was NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

We were hoping for a good turnout but we were a little surprised to find out how good it would really be! We had enough people and cars to put on a mini car show!!! Nine SC's, two LX's and one XR7. And that was with two of our members not being able to attend!

We even had a Pro-Street 440 'Cuda drive through and check us out. The highlight of the afternoon was when an unsuspecting "Ricer" wandered to close and we all started drooling uncontrollably. Our new friend Marc from Kansas, (did I mention that we had car owners from 4 states there), went over to introduce himself, and came back with a few hundred miles less rubber on the rear tires!

Everyone seamed to be having a good time and no one really wanted to leave. But a few cars had come a long way and needed to put in a few miles to get home, so as the sun sank into the west (this is starting to sound like an old western), we headed out. As a way of saying good-bye some of us lit 'em up in the parking lot as we headed for home.

One of our new friends is not only a big T-Bird fan, but is also a "great white hunter". Andy you receive our "Tuff-Luck" award this month. It seams that on his way home, Andy picked on a defenseless little dear. (Don't worry, he was uninjured and the car sustained only cosmetic damage). He was able to drive it home and his plans now include a Cervini's hood to replace the stock hood damaged by the dear.

If you missed this meeting, don't miss out on any more of the fun!!! Our next meeting will be on January 26th in Cedar Rapids at a location to be announced. I'll post it on our website as soon as we get the location set.


Had a lot of fun!

its great to find so many people with the exact same love you have. I wish I could have stayed for the lighting of rubber, but I had to be at work at 5
(got there at 5:15)
Can't wait till my next meeting which I can drive to! (losing license for 2 months in December)



O.K I am just here to set the record strait
This group of young PUNKS were in the parking lot seeming to think that the row of SC's with all hoods open were (Nothing)
they looked laughed and THEN!!!!!!
One of em pulls over and drive's right down the line of SC's
get this-----Driving a old old OLD RX7
Im talking before the second oldest body style hehe
like maybe early 80's model (OH-- with a fart cannon that sounded OH SO SO MEAN) (AND A FEW STICKERS TO BOOT)
so at the END of the SC line he stopped (YES I SAID HE STOPPED) and proceded to rev his engine a few cpl thousand RPM and lets out the clutch (JUST FOR US)
Well as you all should know it was rather PATHETIC and we all laughed and he pulled out of the parking lot with me yelling at him "i got a hundred dollar bill in my pocket I'll gladly put it up to race ya"
Well the best part is he CAME BACK to the group og his punky friends
So i had to go over and show them a REAL burnout
(to bad the parking lot wasnt big enough for a full burnout but after maybe 30-40yards i think I made my point
so i turn around (and being the really SMART person I am decide to stop at thier little group on the way back
well there were some names the called me (like i said PUNKS)
and i only smiled and said NO just wanted to show you all what a real car could do and proceded to smoke spin em up ONCE AGAIN for my new found PUNK friends ,,,,,,,,
Now I would have NEVER done that had punky boy not tried to show his stupidity
I think It goes without saying that when the 440 CUDA came around I dont think ANY of us was so stupid as to challenge him I actually would have talked to him and told him NICE CAR
which it was perfect
I do believe children , punks makes no diff
they all need to be put in thier p-lace
Jus do me a favor k?
If ya'll ever see me act this way TAKE MY KEYS!!!
OH BTW______---------------------------
When the PUNKS left thier were NO MORE burnouts left in the RX7 i think his CAR got scared!!!!!


It Was a Blast!

I'll have to get my tranny fixed to go after the roast ricer. I hope the next nice weather meet is as good.

DD Iowa

Next meeting

I will try my darndest to attend the next meeting in January...thangs r' kinda' buzy at th' airport - Dave


Re: Next meeting

I'm sure that they are...... We understand but we do like to have you around. (I get tired of just picking on Dale all of the time).<hee hee>