Issues, one small, one big


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First the small one. For those of you that don't know I finally got my SC runnin the other day. Tonight I noticed that I am only pullin about 13 in/hg of vaccum at idle. Now I have a CMRE stage 1 cam and some minor head work done. So what I want to know is, is this normal for this cam?

Now the big one. I went under the car to check for an exhaust leak and found that the trans was leaking from the top cover. Turns out that I didn't tighten the bolts down before I put the trans in. Well, I tightened them down went for a drive and everything was working just fine until on the way home I down shifted into 4th gear. I went to take it back up into 5th and could get it to go into gear. There was no grinding no noise, nothing. Its just acting like there was no gear there to startout with. I can't even get the shifter all the way into the gate. Now I did hear a noise like a something hit the bottom of the car while I was still in 4th. I can still get the trans in all the other gears, including reverse which is on the same rail if I'm not mistaken. If anyone has any input on this trans PLEASE let me know. Tommorow I'm taking the shifter off to check everything out and make nothing is jaming up in the shifter housing area, BTW its a B&M ripper.

Also anyone else that has the same cam let me know what your idle vaccum is like.
DamonSlowpokeBaumann said:
MAF :O)..Although it has nothing to do with this post

Yes, yes, yes. Plan on switching that tommorow to the stock choker, thats just till I can get ahold of an aftermarket one on the cheap side.