It's a start I guess


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Began some pre-work on some parts I've collected to hopefully add up to a decent shot at some hp gains. Long way to go but I have the headers sandblasted and coated. Also got the blowers pulled apart last night to swap rotor and nose packs. I will assemble the MPIII with the 95 rotor pack and then clean the whole mess up and paint them all to match. Not sure if I'm going with stock look color or something else yet. Not ideal and I really wish I had all the stuff insold years ago but ah well I will make it a little more fun to drive at least.
Here's the blower line up anyway.


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Cool collection of stuff! When you put the nose back on, put the spring drive in. I put the other kind in the blower that I did (now on the 5 speed) and it rattled from the first time I ran it. Makes boost and works fine but it is noisy.


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Right on Al, thanks. Yes I used the spring one. The pulley keyway on the snout that had the solid couple was broken off so I suspect that the solid coupler had something to do with that. I used the rotors and nose pack from the 95 blower i had. Lots of clean up to do on the outside though.
Thanks guys


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Sorry to interrupt your thread do you happen to have an extra jackshaft pulley you would part with I’m from the gta and am currently looking for one.