Jason Allred


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Jason sent me a power antenna. Haven't had the opportunity to install it or test it out yet, but it certainly appears to be in good condition.

Item arrived in a timely manner.

Thanks Jason.



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Never recd. my money back after i returned the headlights! Over 2 months ago! Headlights were yellower then the ones in my car !


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He sold me a engine with a hole though one of the pistions.I asked for 150 back and never recived it. He is a snake in the grass if you ask me. He said he sent me the money but it was not a question of how much but a show of decency amoung fellow human beings. You pay for something as stated and he said the motor was good for he heard it run but after installing this motor in my car it had smoke comming out of every where{blow by}
So if you buy parts from him dont cry here if you get ripped off. I wash my hands after changing 2 motors, rebuilding 1 and driving for 11 hrs to pick up the bad motor. Next time im down his way I will pay him a visit to let him know how pleased I am. ;)
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