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I purchased a supercharger from this seller stating that it had a "nose seal problem". When I recieved the supercharger the box was soaked in oil, and chunks of the snout bearing fell out when I opened it. Upon taking it out of the box it was very aparent that this had catastrophic damage. The shaft is able to bounce side to side since the front bearing had exploded. The snout got hot enough to bubble and turn the powder coat black. When you turn the shaft the rotors did not move, so I tried to move the rotor pack and it to had locked up. It was apparent that some knew of the kind of damage that had been caused because the pulley nut was on by a few threads and the pulley it self had been moved like it had been removed.

I contacted the seller and filed a dispute with Paypal. The seller said that he is under no obligation to refund my money or to replace the damaged one he sent me. He did finally admit what happened and caused the extensive damage AFTER I filed the claim. He stated "It blew out on me when I was going over 100mph, so yeah, there would be a bit of damage to the blower...which is why I changed it", "Once that blower failed on me, I drove about 3miles to get home". Even after stating this he sees no reason to refund my money, but offered to give me credit towards another one his buddy will sell, and that we'll have to work out the difference since it is more than I paid for his.

So after mulitple Private Messages, and a Paypal claim asking for a refund in exchange for a return of the damaged goods, the seller is still stating that he has no obligation to appease the situation.