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On a recommendation from others I contacted Jerrod about making some custom fuel rails. This was on 8/4/2006. We had many pm conversations as we worked out the details of what I was looking for.

On or about 8/13/2006 I sent him approx $175 (postal money order) to cover the quoted price of $165+ shipping. My last contact with him was when I saw him at the 2006 Shootout and purchased a EEC-IV breakout box from him for cash. At that time he said he was just waiting on delivery of some fittings to complete the rails.

I have attempted to reach him by E-mail, and PM's and have had no response over the past may months. I gave him time to step up and contact me if there is some problem, and he has not done so, even though his user account here has been accessed fairly regularly.

He has left me with no choice other than to list him as a bad seller and warn others of his behavior.