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Bought a set of heads from this member back in August. They were advertised in this thread: and it's clear they were offered as with a "fresh rebuild", along with a set of roller rockers. We worked out the details and I paid for the heads.
They were shipped regular USPS and took an extra long time to arrive, and I received a door tag to pick the package up instead of it being left at my door, which I found weird. I picked up the heads and there were in a completely destroyed cardboard box. The roller rockers were long gone. This is how the box arrived, I didn't even have to cut or tear it to take the heads out.


Then I looked at the heads. They got beat up real bad due to an awful packing job:



And the rebuild on them didn't look too fresh either. The valve guides were floating out of place. We PMed back and forth that now I needed to get the heads decked and the rockers disappeared. Since they were a throw in we moved past that but it was something that could have easily been avoidable.
He agreed to pay $75 to cover some of the decking cost to repair the damage.

I bring them to my machine shop, who proceeds to tell me the heads are destroyed and need a complete rebuild. They were on a car that broke, there were metal particles throughout, all of the valve guides and seats were junk, so were a couple valves. I got a bill for $575 for rebuilding a couple days later. That was last week.

I PMed Jerron and told him what the machine shop told me. My machinist also told me to have Jerron call him and he would gladly go over everything wrong with the heads. I also have all of the old bad parts.

His response was that his car was tuned wrong and backfiring all over the place before it spun a bearing (all of which he neglected to tell me, again these were advertised as freshly rebuilt) and says he didn't think the heads would be effected but "now that I think about it" I guess detonation can damage the cylinder heads. You think?! I told him he should be covering quite a bit more than the original $75 (which he said he would pay me two fridays ago and I haven't seen a dime) for just decking because he flat out lied to me about their condition. I would have never bothered had I needed to get them completely rebuilt. Of course, he has since disappeared from the forum and ignored my messages.

I would strongly encourage members to stay far far away from this guy. I do not take posting in this subforum lightly but this is beyond ridiculous.