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I purchased a set of cylinder heads from Jim that he told me had recently been decked and had a 3 angle valve job. When I got the heads I pulled a valve and realized that they never really had a three angle valve job done on them. I took pictures of the heads and posted them online so Jim could see them. I sent him an email with a link to the pictures and told him I would like a refund because he did not send me what he said he did. Jim claimed that since he paid a machine shop to do the work it wasn't his problem. He refused to refund my money even though he didn't send what he claimed to send. I was pretty dissappointed because I've seen him on these boards for awhile and he seemed pretty decent, but I guess not. I have pictures of the heads he sent me here:


Really not bad heads, just not what I was told I was getting and since I have two other sets of heads I have no use for these. I only bought them to save on the machine work, but since they don't have the machine work they are pretty much useless to me...


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Because I actually posted it a very long time ago before we came to an "acceptable" resolution, but it must have just came through now. I didn't get all my money back though, so I stilled paid for what ended up being a paper weight to me since I had no use for the heads. Now to clear things up for anyone else that wants to buy from Jim, I don't think he was trying to rip me off at all, he just didn't know what he was selling wasn't what he thought it was and then it turned out to be pretty difficult to get him to refund the money. He eventually did refund most of the money I paid, but not all of it. The lesson to be learned is to just make sure that you get evidence that what your told you are buying is actually the right part before you pay and that probably goes for all internet purchases, not just this one...