Just got ENGAGED !!


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Well I just proposed to Elizabeth Schimmel​ and she said YES !!! I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Now the planning begins =-)

Chris C.
Congrats! That would be a heckuva thrill. You know that you have to let her drive the SC now, don't 'ya? :D
Well I sold my white SC 5-speed to Tim Groth. I just have my '91 Thunderbird that has everything my '94 Lincoln Mark Vlll. I will have another SC but it will be a '94-95 SC 5-speed though it will be awhile. Liz said she wouldn't mind having a Bird or Mark as a daily... I got her to ditch the Toyota for her first Ford, a 2011 Ford Escape which we traded in months ago for a 2014 Ford Edge. Thanks guys....hoping to talk Liz into having a Thunderbird cake made =-) Will also have a traditional cake as well of course.

Chris C.