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I made a deal with blown94cougar to purchase 6 38lb injectors for $100 bucks shipped. I paid on October 10th. When I opened the USPS envelope there were only 4 injectors. On top of that, one of them is solid black and three of them are silver and black with slightly different bodies. We exchanged some PMs and emails and told me that the postal service must have lost the other two. I don't know how as the envelope was unopened and well taped. I don't even know if the four that I received are what he claims. I told him all of this and he said that he went ahead and ordered two new injectors from ford and would send them to me as soon as he received them. That was over three weeks ago and I have not heard from him since. I've sent several PM's with no response. This is the first time I have ever had a bad experience buying from someone in this club.

Duffy Floyd

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So is anyone willing to give up his address yet since it appears more than one person on this site has it, and several have been ripped off?


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I bought lower engine cradle braces,front suspension braces and the rear lower control arm braces from him and never received them I paypaled the money to him on Oct 1st.Had plenty of pm's back and forth with him and he said they were sent out but his girl forgot to get a tracking #.Then after along time I pm'd him again and said I never got them he said he would send another set out but here we are over 2 months later and I've received nothing.I would still like to have the braces.But if not I'd like my money back.And if either one of those happens I'll be the first to remove my complaint.I would just like to get what I payed for of my money back.


Duffy Floyd

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Here is this guy's last known address. I request that all that have gotten ripped off contact me with your contact information and details. I will be making a police report this week. Once I contact the proper authorities I will be posting their contact information if you would prefer to contact them directly.

Keith Bachman
128 Main Street Apt D
Franklin, N.J. 07416


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where's kieth bachman hiding aka blown94cougar

i thought i was buying a grant streering wheel from him, sent money order for $55 back in aug of 2007. i finally got a copy of the cashed postal money order showing he did cash it and never sent the wheel.

i called the local police and they said they will look into it. i tried calling his number again and now there is no answering machine picking up. i know theres another thread on him but i wanted to see if anyone has seen him.

heres his info again

keith bachman
128 main st apt d
franklin, nj. 07416



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i sent a money order to him back in august of 2007 for a steering wheel that i never recieved and just recieved confirmation from the post office showing that the money order was cashed. i do have the guy phone number but no one answers the phone and now there is no answering machine picking up. i called the franklin area police department and they said that they would look into it.

Duffy Floyd

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OK....Here is the deal. For all of you interested in seeing a case pursued on your behalf you need to file a local police report concerning the transaction you felt Mr. Bachman did not deliver on.

I was contacted again last Thursday by the Officer Kinney of the Franklin NJ Police last week and they want to move forward with a case on their end. Once I confirm the contact info for that local police department I will post it. You need to arrange to have a copy of your locally filed police report forwarded to the Franklin NJ Police.

Again....if a stong case is to be made against Mr. Bachman we need all instances of bad selling properly documented and those locally filed police reports forwarded to the Franklin NJ Police.


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Duffy--good looking out!

Guys, this is no joke, if you were scammed by this guy, you really do need to get in on this. Involving the police for things like this is for real. I had an ebay scammer get me for $140 once......well, I am a bail enforcement agent, so I am probably the wrong guy to scam!

Long story short, I did some digging and uncovered SIXTY FIVE other victims of the same $140 deal. Contacted the Pasco County Sheriff's office in Florida, and now she is going through the trial, on 66 counts of scheming to defraud, grand larceny, and other charges. Among the other punishment she's facing, she was forced to pay at least most of us back....

I am a member on some other car forums, and on one of them I am the go-to guy in this section for people that have been scammed.....too many times, we see people complain but not follow through. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the real deal.

Duffy Floyd

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OK...The proper name of the police department handling this case is the

Franklin Bourough Police Department
15 Corkhill Rd
Franklin Borough, New Jersey 07416
Phone: (973)827-7040
Fax: (973)827-1486 .

The police officer handling the case is Detective Leo Kinney. His direct email address is

The only reason you should be contacting him directly though is to follow-up and make sure your locally generated Police Report has been recieved. Detective Kinney has promised to keep me up to date as the case progresses and I will post all information I recieve. Please help him do his job and get your local Police Report forwarded to him ASAP and please don't bug him with questions. He is trying to HELP us so lets help HIM! Thank you.