Late model (95) 5-speed swap


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Wanting to know what's needed besides the mechanical stuff for a 5-speed swap in a 1995 SC.
Does the existing wiring for the auto car have what you need for the 5-speed?
Does the EEC need to be changed?
If I tackle the swap it would be done while the engine is out. I've got a passing understanding of what's needed to do this on a early model (89 to 92/3) car, wondering what special considerations are necessary for a 95 auto to M5R2 swap.
Thanks in advance for the advice.


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When I did mine, if you disregard all the mechanical stuff, you will need a late model harness / make your own. as for the EEC I did not change mine. So long as your got the clutch pedal and break pedals for late model manual it should not be to bad. Did mine in a weekend with a little help. I can bet Im missing stuff for sure but its a start.


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You will need a 5-speed console top as well due to the shifter location.