Late model crank sensor adjustable?


SCCoA Member
Hi all, is the Crank sensor for these late models adjustable? I don’t think it is because there’s no elongated hole on the sensor itself, but I could easily be overlooking something. Can’t get my 95 five-speed to start after it died several weeks ago.

Also, does anybody happen to know if the vane ring for the damper is offset as far as the screw pattern? I honestly don’t remember if it could only go on one way when swapping it from the stock damper to the BHJ. It would make sense if this were the case because maybe the window in the vane has to be oriented/indexed with the TDC/zero mark on the damper?

Tim Groth

SCCoA Member
No adjustment of the sensor.

Interesting thought on the trigger ring. I've never paid attention to that.

Did you switch these parts and then the car died or what happened exactly?