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Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Below is a list of our archived forums and how to access them. These no longer show on the main forum page to try to clean things up, but are accessible via the links below - clicking the name/description of the forum will take you to its contents.

These forums have been locked and no new content will be added. These are for historic purposes only.

2004 Super Coupe Shootout (October 1, 2004, Norwalk, Ohio, USA)

2003 Super Coupe Shootout (September 26, 2003 - September 28, 2003, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

2003 MN12 Nationals (Not happening for 2003, closed for new posts.)

2002 MN12 Nationals (August 30, 2002 - September 1, 2002, Elkhart, Indiana, USA)

2001 MN12 Nationals (August 31, 2001 - September 2, 2001, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Not open for further replies.