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Logan is on these boards offering his "Supercharger and rebuilding services" to the members on here. However, many members, including myself, have had a tough time getting him to perform decent work on their blowers. For me, I had him completely botch a rebuild, and messed up the rotor timing. The supercharger would leak like crazy, and the nose was making all sorts of noise, a grinding noise so to speak. So God only knows what he managed to do to my supercharger. When brought to Logan's attention, he asked me what was leaking and from where, and then never answered me again (this was via text message). I sent him numerous texts and tried calling multiple times only to find he had blocked my phone number. So, its obvious he knew he did something wrong if he had to go to such extremes as to block my phone number. Despite the fact the blower was over ported when i bought it (foolish purchase on my part), he did not honor any of his work. We are currently in the process of a paypal claim, and we will see where the cards fall. However, for all of those that are looking into having him do work on their blower, i hope you enjoy having an expensive paperweight, because once he gets done with your blower, thats all its good for. Upon further research i noticed he has had similar problems with people on the GTP forums, being called a scammer and not doing his "services" correctly.

You have been warned.