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Okay fellas I've learned a lot in the last few days still have a lot to learn could really use the help of all you widely knowledge SC mechanics I'm attaching a few pictures that I took en off of vacuum wings laying here and there that I found in the car the first one I don't have any idea what the steel line is but I do know the check valve that is attached to it is for the windshield washer tank secondly the plastic line has the gray vacuum divider and a black vacuum divider it opposite ends which end goes to what side of the firewall I would really like to start attaching these I have new plugs in the car timing has been set it was only a few teeth off probably could have been a lot of the missing issue but plugged off vacuum lines I feel where a lot of it too I've only owned one of these cars previously it was 89 yes he had a blown motor when I got it I simply went to the scrap yard picked up a running motor which the scrap yard cut the main harness so all I had today unplug all the harness connectors and find the matching plug from my harness and voila as well as the vacuum hoses they pretty much were right there plug and Play because they were ran properly on the previously running blown engine that I pulled from the car this is my second SC I bought from my brother who obviously hasn't been clue on the importance of the PCV valve EGR valve as well as the vacuum diagram as I mentioned before I've owned one and sold it had deep regrets over since so I'll have no intentions on ever selling this car any input I'm sure will be useful thank each and every one of you


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