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Good morning everyone
My name is Lou. I'm interested in buying a thunderbird super coupe.
I saw some of the photos of your cars and fell in love right away..
I was looking for a turbo coupe but when I saw what your club g
Has done to the super coupe WOW
I live in Orangeville Ontario..
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks everyone


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Welcome Lou, good luck with your search. There are a few decent looking ones for sale rn on marketplace and kijiji. I think there is also a nice red one locally on autotrader. But haven't looked myself the last little bit.
Cheers, post a pic if you find one


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I have a blue super charged SC that will go up for sale on market place soon but the engine is having some problems recently after winter, it might have a blown head gasket with some of oil leakage but the car itself is in pretty good condition considering it sat outside for a while by the previous owner.