Lots of Performance Parts for Sale!!!


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b&m ripper - $160 shipped
4.3 stroker kit with scat rods, wiseco pistons, balanced crank, all bearings and rings, still new, built by dave dalke - $1765 shipped
ARP main studs - $115 shipped
SPEC Stage 3 clutch kit (new) - $390 shipped
Dual gauge pillar pod - $30 shipped
Motor / Trans / X-mber / Diff Solid Mounts - $155 shipped for all

all prices are negotiable
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I will vouch for the Kooks Mids..

He just bought them off me.. they are/were perfect condition when they left me here in CA..

A great buy...


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The engine shop up the road from me did all the work. valve size is 1.85/1.5 and the chambers have been laid back to match the chevy vortec head design. Ill get some pictures soon. They are still at the shop

Brando B

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Motor / Trans / X-mber / Diff Solid Mounts

Are the Motor / Trans / X-mber / Diff Solid Mounts still available? What are they made of and do you have pictures of them?