M5R2 question......will it hold up?


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Ok, I've heard many differing opinions on this one. Does anyone have a spec on how much power (HP and torque) the M5R2 can handle?

I am looking to be putting about 4-500 HP at the crank, don't know how much torque and I don't want to blow up the tranny.


super red91 said:
The M5R2 is a monster, dont worry about it.
HAHA i believe assclown was refering to donuts (mini spare tires), and putting them on the back. then you would have no traction. then you could run all the power you want through the trannie without ever blowing it. IMO the M5R2 will deal with the power, however the synrchro's always go bad in these trannies (mine was completly gone in second, and you often hear about 3rd gear going bad also). I went with a t5 from gforce transmissions ( http://www.gforcetransmissions.com/tran_gt-5.asp ). It seems to be more than capable of handing anything these motors can throw at it.
The rear tailshaft bearing and housing on the 5 speed transmission don't appreciate shock loading that can occur with wheel hop. A brake stand isn't likely to hurt it. But a brake stand with the wheels hopping will likely break the tailshaft out the side of the rear housing. Of course, that's the same thing that would happen to many manual transmissions.

The stock transmission is very beefy and should hold up pretty well. Like any transmission, the tollerances of the machined internal parts must be kept pretty close to get the best performance out of the tranny. Thus if yours already has considerable miles on it, rebuilding it would be wise.

As far as the fiber blockers, Rich Thompson from www.mn12performance.com is rebuilding his manual transmission and doing some modifications to the brass blockers from the trucks. I believe his hope is to eliminate the issue with fast shifts and the brass blockers. I 've been following his progress here:
first time racing a VR6 1st to 2nd shift letting 1st over rev then dumping 2nd to show off and BAM!!cab fills with smoke due to no cover around the shifter base. Then attempting a brake stand after dumping the clutch at 4 grand, tires didnt even move, just BAM!!, yea so dont apply any shock to the trans or BAM!! :rolleyes: :D
Ive launched many times at the track at 4k letting the clutch go pretty aggressively with slicks. So far no problems whatsoever (fingers crossed) With the slicks I do not get any wheelhop, its a different story with street tires though. My friend destroyed his tranny a few years ago dumping the clutch, the whole tailshaft section was in pieces, what a mess.
Josh just remember what we talked about on saturday. Ted Lyons runs a supercharged 331 V8 that pumps out 600HP and he has a stock M5R2 bolted to it.