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Hi All,
I sincerely hope that my post does not contravene any written or unwritten rules on this site.
I purchased a rebuilt 1994 Tbird M90 that I intend on installing into a, gasp, Mustang. It had the silencer ports blocked off by an aluminum plate.
In all of my research, I have never seen this method employed before. The majority of blocked off the ports used either JB Weld or they were welded shut.
Before installing the blower, I would like to solicit some opinions on this subject. Just how much louder will this be versus open ports? If I do decide to keep the plate installed, I would make sure to use hi temp thread locker on the three bolts holding the plate on.
Any and all input most welcome.
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Tim Groth

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I'm not sure the DB levels but it will be a shade louder with the ports covered. If you really want to hear the blower whine change the intake and or IC piping to thin aluminum tubing.