m90s, heads, leftover parts


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1994 M90. Had 92,000 miles on it, little bit of play, no leaks. $150

1989 M90. Was just rebuilt before car was taken apart. $200

1994 Exhaust manifolds. $50

have both jackshafts for the 89 and 94. $50 ea

intercooler $50

1994 fuel rail with injectors $75

Radiator fan $50

2 sets of heads $75ea

If you want items shipped that will be extra, I'm in northwest AR.


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Paul I do apologize but i'm battling throat cancer right now and talking is very difficult for me. If you want to text or send me a message directly to my Gmail it's CustomStepside92@gmail.com. it's connected directly to my phone which will get a quicker response.

Falcon the heads that are still assembled are off my 94 and also feel free to email me directly or let me know if you'd like to text.

I would like to apologize for any lag with me responding to this, some days are good for me and others are terrible but i'll try my best.