Many parts, for sale cheap!


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I'm trying to clear out my garage and storage unit, and I have a lot of parts that I don't want to throw away, but realistically will not have a use for any time soon. All parts are best offer. No shipping on the larger heavier stuff, but I do have a truck, so delivery for gas money is a possibility.

-Early 3.8SC Engine, removed from a 90SC Auto, complete from supercharger to oil pan including front accessories, wiring harness, and computer. Blower has raised top and 5%OD blower pulley.
-4.6 PI engine, complete minus intake manifold. 150K miles, removed from an 01 Expedition.
-T45 trans with billet 3/4 shift fork. This trans was in my 98 MarkVIII until the 3/4 shift fork broke. I replaced it with a TR3650, and installed the billet 3/4 shift fork in this one for some future project which never came.
-Black 90 T-bird dashboard. 3 small cracks, 2 on passenger side near top glove box and one on driver's side between gauges and windshield.
-Grey cloth SC seats, front and rear. Non-folding rear. No holes or tears, but the seats need a good cleaning.
-Black leather fold rear seats. No holes or tears, needs a good cleaning
-30th Anniversary Cougar Wheels. With or without tires. Wheels are in decent shape, no dents or curb rash, but some minor scratches on the faces of the wheels. Includes smooth center caps
-92 Cougar XR7 Wheels. Perfect shape, no damage at all. I mainly have these just for the rarity of them, but I don't think I'm likely to install them on anything, so for sale they go.
-94/95 4.6 to 96/97 Top end conversion. I have to dig through this and see exactly what is and isn't there, but I bought it years ago and have not had a 94/95 car since. I know it includes the throttle body, plenum, intake tube, fuel rail, alternator bracket, thermostat housing, and throttle cable. I will look through it and update what else is in there.
-CVPI Aluminum driveshaft
-94 Mustang Tri-bar 17" wheels
-Stock M5R2 shifter, recently rebuilt
-Early SC rear corner tail lights
-94/95 SC/ 96/97LX rear corner tail lights (all red)
-2 aluminum space-saver spares. Both still have the spare tire installed, but I can remove that if you want them for front drag skinnies
-Stock airbox modified to use 90mm Lightning MAF. I had this installed on my 90SC and then my 90XR7 when I was trying to keep a more stock look. The modifications are done with JB-weld and RTV, so this isn't some crazy high-end custom fabrication, but it works! Lightning MAF is included.
-C&L 73mm MAF with silver sample tube
-SC return plenum modified for use with front-mount intercooler. Plenum has the flange cut off and a piece of pipe with a bead on the end welded on, and it also has a divider welded through the middle of it. All the welds look nice and don't leak.
-Early style SC blower. Turns freely, no noise. Includes inlet plenum, stock blower top, and stock early blower pulley.

Pictures available on request. Help me not have to scrap a bunch of this stuff!
Any interior door handle bezels? Could use a black one for the driver’s door with the tab still attached for my ‘93.


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Sorry, none that have the tabs all intact. I usually just drill a small hole in them and there is a black plastic piece in the interior door handle mount that you can drive a screw into to secure it.