Mason Dixon All Ford Event and Show


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Mason Dixon will be holding the rescheduled ALL FORD EVENT Sunday September 11.

We can plan to meet up some place or at the track.

Please reply here if interested.


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Sorry, I should have been more specific when reposting this from another forum.
Honestly, I didn't expect anyone other than those who attended the final Summer Blast 15 event August 21st (the racing part of which got rained out) to be reading this.
This is an annual event held in northern Maryland. Between Thunderbirds, Cougars, and Marks that attended our meet, we had enough cars to fill a bracket trophy class of our own with 15+ racing some years with another 15+ on the show field. All SC's, LX's, and Marks are welcome, of course!



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Wow Tim. I never saw this response.

I don't think we had any MN12's there. I took the F250 over and ran with it a few passes. Hopefully we'll meet on that weekend again next year for a track get together that weekend.